Continuous Monitoring of
Peripheral Edema

The BodiGuide Edema Monitor continuously measures the size of your ankle which is a direct indicator of interstitial fluid retention.

peripheral edema monitor

Applications and Uses

The BodiGuide Edema Monitor provides a direct measure of interstitial fluid retention which is
associated with many health conditions ranging from medication side effects to chronic disease:


Heart Failure

When the heart muscle weakens and can no longer pump blood out through the arteries and bring it back through the veins, blood can begin to pool, especially in the legs and feet. If blood doesn’t circulate properly in someone with heart failure, excess blood and other fluids in the capillaries can leak out into bodily tissues, causing edema.

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Kidney Disease

Declining levels of the protein albumin in your blood and increasing levels in the urine can cause fluid to build up and result in edema, most commonly around the ankles and feet. A healthy kidney doesn’t let albumin enter the urine.

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Lymphedema is a condition used to describe abnormal accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the body. Your lymphatic system collects excess fluid, proteins and toxins from your cells and tissues and returns them to your bloodstream. When your lymphatic system doesn’t work well, your body accumulates fluid and may begin to swell.

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Venous Insufficiency

Edema occurs as a result of capillary filtration exceeding lymphatic drainage, which results in an accumulation of fluid in the interstitial spaces. Edema is a condition often associated with venous insufficiency in the lower extremities.

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Drug/Device Development

New drugs and innovative treatments can induce or worsen peripheral edema by disrupting the delicate homeostasis between transcapillary flow, edema safety factors and lymphatic drainage capacity. A continuous edema monitor therefore becomes critical during clinical trials or research projects.

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We employ the classical clinical assessment of peripheral edema

Bodiguide Edema Monitor uses existing medicine

Simple, Helpful and Trustworthy

For doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients, who are dissatisfied with the inconvenience and inaccuracies associated with weight scales…

Our product is a wearable bracelet that provides automatic, continuous measurement of ankle circumference

Unlike invasive or complex devices that require specialized skills for interpretation, we have assembled a simple, passive method of measuring peripheral edema that uses an existing and trustworthy technique for quantifying fluid retention.

Platform Architecture

Empowering patient compliance, early detection, and effective intervention to reduce heart failure hospitalizations

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For Healthcare Providers

Edema monitoring in
the healthcare facility

peripheral edema monitoring for caregivers

For Caregivers

Edema monitoring in
the home or care facility

peripheral edema monitoring for patients

For Patients

Edema monitoring in
the patient setting