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edema monitoring and heart failure

Journal Article: A Novel Approach Using Continuous Monitoring Of Peripheral Edema In Heart Failure Patients Allows Recognition of Acute Decompensation Early in the Window of Intervention 

Journal Article: Reliability and Feasibility of Methods to Quantitatively Assess Peripheral Edema  

Resource: Your Guide to Living with Heart Failure 

Conference Poster: Measure What Really Matters: A Comparison of Continuous Ankle Circumference Monitoring and Body Weight in the Management of Worsening Heart Failure 

Journal Article: Heart Failure Remote Monitoring: A Review and Implementation How-To 

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Continuous monitoring of peripheral edema

Continuous Monitoring of Peripheral Edema In Heart Failure

  • A novel approach using continuous monitoring allows early recognition and intervention


Continuous monitoring of peripheral edema

The Art of Patient-Centric Medicine

  • Evidence-based medicine is important, but the “art” of medicine ultimately provides the best approach in dealing with patients


heart failure management

Continuous Monitoring and Heart Failure Management

  • Continuous monitoring of peripheral edema is now feasible for monitoring fluid status to improve heart failure management