Continuous Fluid Monitoring

Continuous fluid monitoring (CFM) provides ankle circumference and orientation data that is collected at a specified interval and processed. This makes it possible to establish a daily ankle swelling pattern.

The intra-day circumference changes related to the redistribution of interstitial fluid from lying to standing is greater than the change in circumference associated with fluid retention of interest associated with health or medical conditions that require attention. Therefore, multiple daily measurements of circumference may be used to detect fluid retention.

Assessment of Ankle Swelling

The BodiGuide Edema Monitor automatically tracks and monitors a patient’s daily swelling pattern against their normal baseline or “dry” state. The system characterizes variations from normal, and provides notifications or alerts corresponding to the type of variation.

This type of assessment requires a proprietary method of establishing a diurnal pattern or baseline for the patient. The baseline is used to identify changes in ankle size that are related to unwanted fluid retention.

edema swelling pattern

Deviations from Baseline

The BodiGuide System provides continuous fluid monitoring which automatically characterizes any differences in ankle swelling pattern and provides meaningful feedback and alerts corresponding to the type of deviation.

This means a patient’s “ankle swelling pattern” can be interpreted to determine their fluid status and provide important feedback to the patient, their caregivers, and clinicians to improve self-care and optimize treatment plans to reduce hospitalizations.

daily pattern of edema monitoring