peripheral edema monitor

A breakthrough in wearable technology that provides continuous and direct monitoring of leg edema.

Employing a combination of position, orientation and circumference sensors, plus leading-edge strap design, the BodiGuide Edema Monitor enables patients and their caregivers to effortlessly monitor ankle swelling without special skills or extensive training.

Patients do nothing

  • The device is designed to be passive, comfortable, and unobtrusive
  • Recharging is NOT required due to low power requirements and long battery life 
  • Provides direct measurement of fluid volume
  • The cost to make and deploy the device is very low
  • Mechanical design emphasizes ultra reliability and simplicity



Key attributes of this wearable device include:

Water Proof

The entire unit is water resistant. No need to take it off in the shower. ...

Ruggedized Design

Normal, everyday activities will not damage the strap or the electronics enclosure. ...

Long-Term Comfort

Put it on and forget about it. The patient does absolutely nothing. ...

Automatic Calibration

Calibration is automatic and accuracy is guaranteed. ...

Long Battery Life

There is no need to recharge your device…ever. Battery life is remarkably long. ...

High Resolution

Accurate measurement of ankle circumference on a wide range of limb sizes. ...