BodiGuide believes that patients and their families are not mere spectators, but active participants in their healthcare journeys. This requires healthcare providers to translate complex, impersonal medical methodology into relatable narratives that align with their lived experiences.


The future of medicine will be shaped by innovations such as wearable devices and other emerging technologies, that present vast amounts of personalized data to guide clinical decision making. But it’s equally critical to remember that this data is only as valuable as the trust and understanding it fosters between healthcare providers and their patients.

Device Management

BodiGuide’s vision is to facilitate higher levels of trust and understanding between healthcare providers and their patients, by providing monitoring tools that are simple, helpful and trustworthy.

BodiGuide’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of the healthcare industry by enabling a lower cost model of care based on monitoring and improved self-care.

New Features

BodiGuide develops biosensors, monitoring systems and wearable measurement devices that are designed to transform the effectiveness of healthcare providers by enabling access to vital physiological information.

BodiGuide’s founders have personal or family experience with heart failure and bring a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with heart-failure caregiving, patient self-care and cardiology.

The genesis of the BodiGuide Edema Monitor is in the founder’s 30 years of proven medical device market expertise – R&D, product development, and commercialization of healthcare solutions that improve population health and reduce the cost of care.

BodiGuide transforms the access and use of essential physiological data by providing minimal, non-invasive products and tools for continuous patient monitoring.